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Catching Up on 'Homeland'



We totally missed it last year on the first season of Showtime's series Homeland, which stars Claire Danes as a CIA agent who believes the Marine Sgt. played by Damian Lewis was turned and became an Al-Qaeda agent during his time as a POW in Iraq.

Apparently, Danes' character may be right or she may have some mental health issues. Homeland was just nominated for a slew of Emmys and we've been hearing great things from folks who've seen the show.

How did we miss out? Maybe because Showtime had already flopped with a terrorism series: Sleeper Cell proved it was possible to make a boring show about the most compelling topic of the 21st century. Or maybe it was that Homeland was created by 24's Howard Gordon and wasn't everyone suffering from a little Jack Bauer fatigue at the end of that series?

Homeland's first season comes out on DVD  and Blu-ray on August 30th and the new season debuts September 30th. If you've got a Showtime subscription, you can stream it at their website, on most mobile devices or On Demand (even though it's not yet available from iTunes or Amazon Instant Video).

Look for a our Blu-ray/DVD review next month. Did we miss out last year? Is Homeland worth the commitment?

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