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'Call Me Maybe' Gets a Military Video



We've haven't seen one of these lip-sync videos in a while and this one featuring U.S. Marines performing Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" in Afghanistan. Freelance photographer and videographer Eric Raum worked with choreographer Randy Moresi both work with the USO and, after getting clearance from the Marine command in Kandahar, they decided to put together a dance routine simple enough for a group of Marines to learn in 30 minutes but still manly enough that they wouldn't balk at participating.

The main shoot took an hour and Raum filled in the video scenes by wandering around the base and getting pickup shots from other men and women who serve. The YouTube version of the video already has 125K plays in just over 2 weeks and it's sure to explode in the next few days. Great work by the Marines who were under orders to follow Raum and Moresi's instructions and great work by the directors who do a fantastic job of reminding Americans that we're still serving in the 'Stan.

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