Under the Radar

The Iron Giant Goes Rogue



How can the guys at Bandito Brothers follow up their success with Act of Valor? Deadline Hollywood reports that the company is about to sell the rights to The Prototype, a new movie produced by the company and made by writer/director Andrew Will and his producing partner Shawn Wallace.

Apparently, the military drone of the future looks a lot like the Iron Giant in a hoodie and it's up to Neal McDonough (most recently Robert Quarles on Justified and Dum Dum in Captain America: The First Avenger) to track him down after he kills his inventor and everyone who works in the lab. Except maybe there's a girl who lives and the drone is crushing on her. Or maybe the scientist and the drone have done sort of meld and their one and the same. It's hard to tell: there's just enough here to make us curious and get our money whenever it finally comes out.

It's hard to tell exactly how much AOV directors Scott and Mouse had to do with this, but there seems enough of their real-life action picture sensibility here to make this one worth seeing

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