Under the Radar

Play Minecraft Remotely, With Real Assault Rifles



A gamer upset with the administrator who kicked him off Minecraft called 911 in Kingston, WA and reported that someone at the admin's home had shot his pregnant daughter because she was pregnant. The call prompted a full-bore SWAT raid that ended with the admin's dad handcuffed on the ground.

The cops figured out pretty quickly that there was no gun and there was no pregnancy because there wasn't actually even a daughter. Now 16-year-old admin Jacob Neumann has to explain to his parents that all those hours playing Minecraft weren't responsible for dad's takedown. Plus it turns out that the 911 call came from Canada and, since making a false police report is a misdemeanor in this jurisdiction, there's not much hope of getting the caller deported to face charges even if they manage to track him down.

This video comes courtesy of our awesome Shock & Awe video channel.


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