Talking Act of Valor


%embed1% hosted the 2012 Milblog conference May 11-12 in Arlington, VA and one of the highlights was a visit from Act of Valor co-director Scott Waugh, who was in town to promote the movie's June 5th release on Blu-ray and DVD. We loved AOV back when it opened back in February and the $12-million film's $24.5 million opening box office weekend looks even more impressive after this past weekend's Battleship release. That $209 million Pentagon-approved studio picture barely made it it a $25.3 million gross even after they slapped the Battleship logo all over Coke Zero cans and Subway sandwich wrappers.

Scott sat down for a wide-ranging interview with editor Ward Carroll that was streamed live by our friends at the You Served military blog. They preserved the evidence so now you can watch Scott tell Ward why fellow director Mike "Mouse" McCoy wasn't available to join us and explode a lot of myths about just how the movie got made. He's particularly eloquent when he talks about how close he got to the SEALs and their families during production and how important it was for him to get their stories right.

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