Under the Radar

Kurt Busch Wants to Go Fast



NASCAR driver Kurt Busch found himself without a sponsor going into this season and, determined to fight his way back to the top, decided that Talladega Nights' Ricky Bobby should be his new role model. Busch partnered with the Armed Forces Foundation to promote PTSD awareness and used that charitable connection to convince Will Ferrell and the Sony Pictures to allow him to drive a copy Ricky's comeback car from the comedy classic at Talladega's Aaron's 499 race.

Busch dates AFF director Patricia Driscoll and they came up with an idea to promote both his comeback and her awesome charity work. The driver rode with a stuffed cougar in his backseat during the race and added the original cougar image to the hood, the team "Me" logo on the side and "I Wanna Go Fast" on the back. In addition, the trunk lid included a message to text AFF to 50555 to donate $5 to the cause.

Reese Bobby would tell you that Busch finished last in the race but the NASCAR records say that he came in 20th.


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