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Black Ops 2: Robots From the Future



"What happens when the enemy steals the keys?"

How does a video game maker combat shooter fatigue? How about a new enemy, like Robots from the Future?

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer just went online in advance of the November 13th release date. The new game is set in 2025 and you'll play as David Mason, the son of the first game's Alex Mason. Alex shows up in the new game in some '80s flashbacks and the father and son will share a common enemy called Raul Menendez.

The future battles will be over control of rare earth elements, 95% of which are currently produced in China. Game developer Treyarch brought back Hollywood screenwriter David Goyer (The Dark Knight) to craft the new story that's rumored to have a major twist in the third act.

There are a few new elements to Black Ops 2 that also hold our interest:

  • A Strike Force single-player mode allows you to alter the outcome of the game based on your decisions, a sort of update on all those old-school "choose your own adventure" computer games.
  • A good part of the 1980s scenes are set in Afghanistan and Treyarch thinks they've solved the motion capture issues that previously prevented games from having realistic horse action.
  • Multiplayer won't include the '80s throwback scenes and puts extra emphasis on the 2025 robot technology.
The guys over the The Verge have actually put their hands on the game and they have some pretty comprehensive coverage. We'll let you know as we find out more about Black Ops 2 right up until release day.


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