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Battleship Advance Screenings



Battleship opens May 18th but you've got a few chances to see an advance screening if your base won the Eventful contest we covered last month. Or you could check out an early screening at the Sixth Annual GI Film Festival in Washington, DC May 14-20th.

Pretty much every trailer released so far makes it look like Liam Neeson gets vaporized by aliens in the first reel and Liam's already given his definitive Naval performance (as the Soviet submarine captain in K-19: The Widowmaker), but Universal wants all the grownups to know they've cast a real actor in this one. None of us has seen the movie yet, but it seems like Taylor Kitsch is playing the Ben Affleck role from Pearl Harbor and he'll have to mature on the battlefield if the Earth has any prayer of repelling alien attack.

Can Naval ingenuity defeat an army of aquatic Transformers?

Here's a list of the advance screenings with a couple of links to more information from bases that have their social media plan together. Good luck finding the DC screening if you're not already on the guest list.

- NAS North Island: May 11

- Camp Lejeune: May 12

- NAS Whidbey Island: May 12

- NAB Little Creek: May 12

- NSB New London: May 12

- Washington, D.C. May 14

- NAS Jacksonville: May 15

- USS Missouri: May 16

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