Under the Radar

Action Figure Therapy Hits Ft. Riley

Attention Ft. Riley, Kansas! Four comedians who provide the voices for Action Figure Therapy will be performing stand up and meeting with the troops and other fans this Friday and Saturday (11 May and 12 May).

Friday they will be at The Warrior Zone, show beginning 2000, Saturday they will at Rally Point Bingo. The comedians would like us to reiterate that they will be hanging round after the show expressly to meet everyone and express their gratitude and appreciation for what they call the most awesome fan base in the world.

Though they got crossways with the USO at one point, the AFT team has been performing at CONUS bases for several months now.

Hope you can make it to the show, as do Dan Bialek, Andrew DeWitt, Jarrod Harris and Jerry Rocha.

Here's one of their more recent videos. As always, it cannot in even the slightest way be interpreted as SFW (Safe For Work). Watch and listen at your own peril.


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