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What Do You Push For?



This is a little complicated, so let's start simple: Pushups for Charity is doing good work on behalf of wounded soldiers and they deserve your support.

On May 19th, over 100 gyms across the country are raising money for The Boot Campaign by challenging their members to see how many pushups they can do in 90 seconds. The Boot Campaign supports charities that work with soldiers healing from a variety of physical and emotional combat wounds.

Representing the cause in the video and on the website is Captain Chad Fleming, a vet who's overcome three combat wounds, 20 surgeries and a leg amputation to run the New York City Marathon.

You can get involved with the pushup event here. The Boot Campaign is also doing some interesting things that involve actual boots and a wide range of celebrity supporters.

Click through for more about the Boot Campaign and Capt. Fleming.



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