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Stars Earn Stripes


It's almost been a whole year since the Osama bin Laden takedown and now we're getting down to the real cultural legacy of Seal Team Six. NBC has announced a new reality show called Stars Earn Stripes, where "nine celebrities from music, sports and Hollywood will be paired with trainers at a top-notch, secret training facility" and "will face weekly challenges such as hostage-rescue exercises or placing a laser target atop a mountain."

First, let's hope vets are getting paid some big bucks to show their faces on TV and drag these divas through their training exercises. It's difficult to imagine that whatever they're doing will be that dangerous or challenging because these are the kind of folks who break down crying on Dancing With the Stars.

Still, there's hope: Stars Earn Stripes is a coproduction between Survivor's Mark Burnett and Law & Order creator Dick Wolf. Those guys know how to make TV that doesn't suck.

Aside from high-profile aspiring Marine Katy Perry, who should NBC cast on this show and what challenges should they face?

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