Under the Radar

She Kissed a Midshipman



And she liked it.

Newly single pop diva Katy Perry played a concert at the Naval Academy last Friday and gave midshipman Nicolas "Tanner" Beasley a thrill by inviting him onstage to recreate the kiss from that iconic WWII V-J Day Times Square photo.

Tanner told Entertainment Tonight that Katy was a "great kisser" and the investigative reporters at the Balitmore Sun claim it was even "French style."

The only weird part about the whole situation is Ms. Perry's vaguely British accent. Did the California native pick it up from soon-to-be ex-husband Russell Brand? Is she imitating the era when Madonna was trying out those weird fake UK speech patterns?

She probably doesn't even know but thanks to Katy for putting her mouth where her mouth is when it comes to supporting the U.S. Military.

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