Under the Radar

Zero Dark Thirty

Director Kathryn Bigelow (who won a Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker) has started production on her movie about the hunt for Osama bin  Laden.

The movie, which has the working title Zero Dark Thirty, was originally scheduled to shoot in Jordan, the country where Bigelow filmed Hurt Locker but unnamed sources close to the production told the Hollywood Reporter that they were "forced to leave Jordan abruptly" and now they're filming in the city of Chandigarh in northern India.

Building sets that make an Indian city look like Pakistan turns out not to be such a good idea, considering the ongoing hostilities between the two countries. The Reporter tells that right-wing Hindu groups have disrupted filming and there's been talk of returning the filming to Jordan.

If Bigelow and company can stay on schedule, the movie is scheduled for release on December 19th.

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