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Girls Guns Vegas

Some things are just a matter of perspective. Is Machine Guns Vegas an overpriced "experience" that lets fatcat lawyers and investment bankers go home and brag that they understand how to handle the heavy guns now? Or should we let them off the hook because they hired a bunch of hot girls to act as "gun-toting hostesses" to cater to their big-spending clientele.

Here's a quote in yesterday's New York Times from Genghis Cohen (cough), one of the partners in MGV:

We have girls who work for us who are veterans, and have very successful modeling careers. But they are also ex-veterans. The reason we did that is we didn’t want someone to say, ‘Ah, you just went to a strip club and got a bunch of strippers and gave them guns,’ ” he said. “That’s not what we did. We have veterans that are officially trained in the military in the use of firearms.
The hostesses carry iPads that give an overview of the wide array of automatic and semi-automatic weapons available to rent. We're just giving information here and you've got to make up your own mind. But if MGV thrives in Sin City, your sister or your cousin is going to date some guy who's been there and think he's up to speed with all the weapons training you've experienced when he corners you at a wedding reception or after Thanksgiving dinner. Better to know what's out there, right? Show Full Article