Under the Radar

Captain America's New Team



So we've reached this moment: Captain America has decided against a leadership role in the United States Military and aligned himself with some sort of shadow organization that may or may not have close ties to the government yet definitely has an affiliation with defense contractor Tony Stark. The new trailer for The Avengers debuted this week and Mark Ruffalo looks like he's the best Hulk yet. There have been five movies setting this one up (2 Iron Mans, 1 Hulk, 1 Thor and last summer's Captain America), so writer/director Joss Whedon better deliver on a lot of expectations when this one hits theaters on May 4th.

(Since the U.S. trailer is exclusive over on the Apple site, this is the UK version with an alternate title designed to keep the Brits from confusing it with their own beloved TV show.)

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