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Osombie: the Axis of Evil Dead


Undead AQ apparently prowl Afghanistan, and it's going to take SF troops (plus some chick from Highlander?) to defeat them.










The Walking Dead (we're talking Kirkman's black & white zombies, though the AMC TV versions are OK) have nothing on those dead guys with ZZ Top beards, pakols and man-dresses.  Why do we say that, you ask? (Go ahead, ask.)

Because DEVGRU may have put one in Osama's head, but they didn't burn the body, and now he's back.With an army of rotting terrorists, out to start a zombie insurgency around the world.

Yeah, believe it or not, they're working on an indy film called Osombie, a feature-length zombie flick about Osama Bin Laden's zombie. It's not finished yet, because they need help from Kickstarter to get it done.

We like craptastic movies. You know that. We'd have more hope for this one if the protagonist wasn't a yoga instructor and there wasn't any mention of Pokemon. Though having some sword-wielding chick run along beside an SF team hunting zombies is pretty craptastic...

Watch this and you be the judge. At a minimum maybe there will be some decent gunfire and bouncing bosoms. Hey, the effects look pretty good, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

We've e-mailed them for an advance copy of the final version for a Military.com review and just to ask for some background (and maybe an interview or two). We'll let you know if they respond.


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