Under the Radar

Rainbow 6: Patriots Brings the War Home



Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots is due for release until 2013 but a threatened "leak" of gameplay footage inspired Ubisoft to release a couple of trailers. 

A cynical observer might also point out the game's theme of financial meltdown-inspired domestic terrorism seems eerily reminiscent of the nightmare scenarios some observers insisted were a logical extension of the Occupy Wall Street movement. (Remember Occupy Wall Street? You know, fall 20111, back when everyone was still talking about Charlie Sheen and that "Friday" girl). While OWS hasn't inspired the widespread kidnapping and execution of mortgage-backed bond traders, Mr. Clancy and his team seem determined to create a scenario that makes a paramilitary hippie threat seem like a plausible threat.

The extended (fake) gameplay clip below shows some of the collateral damage sure to be a central theme of the game: the Rainbow 6 team takes out an NYPD cop and blows up the civilian they're trying to rescue. With the game's release over a year away and a potentially earthshaking election between now and then, there's no way to know how the game's politics will play when Patriots finally hits stores.


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