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Danish CAV in Afghanistan: Armadillo


There have been some very good documentaries done since our current war (or wars, depending on how you define it) started back in 2001. Restrepo, of course, was utterly brilliant (as was Junger's book WAR). Here's one I wouldn't have heard about if it wasn't for a friend, which is why it's so damn important to network.

The movie is called Armadillo. It's actually been out for a while now. The filmmakers are right up in it when they made this film, which follows part of the Danish Guard Hussars at FOB Armadillo in Helmand Province. The movie stirred up quite a controversy in Denmark, where some of their folks apparently didn't care for the actions of the soldiers (good to know there are protestnik liberals everywhere).

Anyway, it's intense and well crafted, so keep that in mind if you've been over there and something like this will bother you (not being a smartass, that was a genuine statement).


Here's the full clip of their first TIC (Troops In Contact):


More about Armadillo on IMDB.

Some commentary and a review on Armadillo.


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