Under the Radar

Spielberg Talks War Horse



Movie studios can be very sensitive about reviews. UTR saw a screening of War Horse last week and we have some very strong opinions about the movie. However, there's an embargo on reviews until the release date so we had to agree to keep our mouths shut until December 25th before we saw the picture.

That's in spite of the fact that the theater was full of Family Values bloggers and veterans groups who've already Facebooked the hell out of their thoughts about the movie.

So, we're just posting this video of an interview with director Steven Spielberg and not letting you know what we think. Could be a rave. Could be a slam. We're not going to tell.

And, by the way, we go to screenings all the time where we're asked to hold our opinions until release but those showings aren't usually full of regular people who are tweeting their heads off before they get out of the theater.

War Horse. See it December 25th. Sort of like Saving Private Ryan, but starring a horse instead of Tom Hanks.

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