GI Joe Retaliation: Good Gear...Good Movie?



The new GI Joe movie GI JOE RETALIATION looks like it may - may - be better than the first one. As you're already aware, assuming you have half the brains God gave the common dog, the first movie was an abomination. Look, for obvious reasons we have a vested interest in making sure the GI Joes (and any action figures, for that matter) are properly represented in film and fiction. All copies of that first movie should be burned and it's memory utterly extirpated from living memory. (Grunts: extirpate.) With The Rock, Bruce Willis, Ray Stevenson, Jonathan Pryce, Channing Tatum (and, gosh, Rza or RZA or whatever the hell it is), it may actually be decent. We'll see.

It does appear that they're getting the gear right, which is a plus but no guarantee. They ordered a large number Line of Fire Grip System "Point Man" gloves for the cast (we wrote about them before over on Kit Up!), they're purportedly using the Lion Individual EOD kit for a scene in Korea, and it sure looks like Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson) is rockin' a G-Code holster there (pun intended). That's three pieces of excellent kit, and we haven't even started discussing all the FN firearms.

Under the Radar: The Rock and a G-Code holster.

The Rock, foreground, has a G-Code holster on his thigh rig.







Under the Radar: The Rock and a G-Code holster.

Maybe if they have a decent technical advisor he'll actually be able to move the holster from position to position like it's intended. It's the little tactical details so may of us crave.









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