Under the Radar

GI Joe Goes Green

The Hasbro toy company (soon to bring you that Battleship movie we're so obsessed with) has also decided to make GI Joe more eco-friendly. 

Before you get yourself all worked up, that doesn't mean the toy company wants America's favorite soldier to change the way he fights. Seriously, there's not much anyone can do to mitigate the environmental damage caused by bombs and bullets.

Nope, ,according to Hasbro's Corporate Social Responsibility website, the company has promised to reduce the PVC and other non-recyclable materials in the packaging used to market the action figure. No one around here has bought a GI Joe in at least a decade, but we always remember using the box in our war games just as much as we used anything that came inside. Here's hoping a socially responsible GI Joe doesn't lose that part of the fun. (via GreenBiz.com)

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