Under the Radar

Capt. Steve Rogers Issues an Apology



Alec Baldwin is the kind of Hollywood guy that pisses some folks off. Sometimes it's his incredibly vocal political opinions or, a few years back, his really bad behavior during his divorce from Kim Basinger. Just last week, he got kicked off an American Airlines flight for playing Words With Friends on his smartphone after the pilot had closed the cabin doors.

Still, no matter how much you respect authority and hate the terrorists, almost everyone with a Kindle or a Blackberry or an iPad secretly wonders how dangerous their device could be when the plane is parked on the runway waiting 2 hours for a takeoff slot. Still Alec showed up on Saturday Night Live to apologize. To himself.

Appearing as American Airlines pilot "Captain Steve Rogers," Baldwin presses the point. Do we really need to all turn off our devices until the plane reaches 10,000 feet? And is the point any less valid when you think the guy making it is kind of a jerk? And how would Captain America feel about all of this?



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