Under the Radar

Batman for the Holidays



Although no one around here could bring themselves to pay $15  to see the six-minute teaser than ran with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in a few IMAX theaters this weekend, some of us did see this mind-blowing trailer for The Dark Knight Rises (at Sherlock Holmes - if you think you might Robert Downey Jr's second take on the detective, ignore the reviews and go).


This looks like the best football-related disaster since Black Sunday. Even though his dialog is pretty much incomprehensible underneath that mask, Bane looks like an awesome villain. Anne Hathaway brings some 99% OWS smack talk as Catwoman. Even though this year's crop of Christmas movies seems a little thin (cough, War Horse, cough), Christopher Nolan looks like he's ready to dominate summer again next year.

If anyone did pay to see the extended preview, give us a review in the comments.

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