Aliens Sunk My Battleship!



Regular readers know that we've been both fascinated and mystified by Hasbro and Universal Pictures' efforts to turn the Battleship board game into Battleship the movie.

Now we get to see Trailer #2 and it's time to face facts: Battleship isn't a war movie. It's more like Transformers 4 made with the full cooperation of the United States Navy. To be honest, that doesn't sound like a terrible idea to us but anyone hoping for a modern-day Top Gun needs to let go now.

What's grabbing out attention today is Rihanna's hair. It was magenta in the on-set documentary we saw a few weeks back but it's brown in the trailer. Did she dye it in her movie-star trailer or did the filmmakers digitally alter it in post-production? If she was doing her scenes with neon-colored hair, did the other actors find it distracting? So many questions and only six months until we see the movie next May.

Maybe your feelings about Battleship aren't so complicated. Feel free to straighten us out in the comments.

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