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Drive-Thru Takes on the Year's Best Movie



After a lot of careful thought and discussion, your UTR editors have decided that Drive is the best movie of the year. We're not even going to wait to see all the Oscar bait that's coming out in December, even if David Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Martin Scorsese's Hugo both look awesome.

Of course, you have to remember that Bullitt with Steve McQueen and the original 1971 Vanishing Point are both in our all-time Top Ten. Drive channels both of those movies and throws in a healthy dose of Los Angeles that's filtered through weirdo 1969 art movie Model Shop. Ryan Gosling is the man, so good in this that you can forget about all those times your significant other made you sit through The Notebook. And don't forget Albert Brooks killing it as a mob boss.

So we're all for this Funny or Die! parody trailer, especially since it throws in dinner to go along with the show. Drive doesn't come out on DVD until next year, but it's still hanging around a few theaters if you're living near a big city. Go see it.

And here are some trailers if you don't get all the movie references we were throwing around above:


Drive (the real one)




Vanishing Point (the real one, not the Viggo Mortensen TV movie remake)


Model Shop (this trailer takes one scene from the movie and makes it look like that's the whole show. It leaves out all the endless driving around LA, the part that makes that movie worth your time whenever it comes on Turner Classic Movies).

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