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Call of Duty Vision


So your brother/cousin/girlfriend preordered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Special Edition Xbox and ruined your idea for a Christmas present. Maybe you're worried that he or she is going blind with all those hours they spend planted in front of the tv/computer/game console. Gunnar's got a solution for you.

Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear's Limited Edition Call of Duty: MW3 shades promise to reduce eye fatigue during all those hours spent in front of a blinking screen. They don't come cheap ($100 retail) but that's not really a huge premium over the cost of their non-CoD shades and they come with the excellent case and a bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth. The frames are a heavyweight magnesium alloy (with CoD: MW3 etched on the earpieces) and the construction seems better than what you get on eyeglass frames costing a lot more cash down at Lenscrafters.

Do they work? We've been checking them out here for a while and the shade themselves have yellowish lenses that really do seem to reduce the glare and maybe even reduce eye strain after a long screen session. If the CoD fan on your gift list has perfect vision or wears contact lenses, these might be just the present you're looking for. If they need prescription lenses, Gunnar offers a Rx Program.

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