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'Batman: Arkham City' Review Roundup



Batman: Arkham City comes out this week. While we haven't played it ourselves yet, the reviews are so positive that we couldn't really find anyone with much negative to say about Rocksteady's latest game.

The Associated Press says it's "bigger, bolder and crazier than its critically acclaimed predecessor."

The Guardian calls Batman: Arkham City "easily the best Batman video game of all time and while it may be too soon to call it the best game released all year, it's going to take something pretty special to top it."

Wired complains about "feature bloat" but wraps up by saying that it's "still one of the year’s finest games, filled with the capacity to surprise even players who’ve skulked through every inch of its predecessor."

G4 admits "this game is perfect."

CNN says Arkham City is "bigger, bolder, better."

USA Today has an interview with the game's director Sefton Hill and writer Paul Dini.

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