Under the Radar

The Lost Milblogs of WWII



Here's a heartwarming story about WWII's own version of Milblogging: Trevor McIntyre is a B-29 enthusiast in Morganton, GA who bid on a group of letters sent home by a WWII airman. After receiving the package and reading through the correspondence, he contacted the plane's company leader and learned that the guy who wrote the letters, filled with details and thoughts about his service, was still alive.

McIntyre tracked down 90-year-old Sgt. Dave LeMal and hand-delivered the letters to him in Pennsylvania. LeMal had no idea his mother had kept the letters so he had no idea they'd been sold. When asked why he went to so much effort for someone he didn't know, McIntyre replied that WWII vets "believed that a better tomorrow could be reached from a bad today. Meeting Dave and returning the letters, it's just my small part of trying to repay that debt." (via 11Alive Atlanta)

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