Under the Radar

Tank Kills Car in Bike Lane


One of the greatest things about the USA is our respect for personal property and individual rights. Unfortunately, those freedoms make it quite a bit harder to deal with the jerks who block the bike lane.

No way those kinds of issues aren't getting in the way of Vilnius, Lithuania mayor Arturas Zuokas. He took to the streets in a tank, ran over an illegally parked Mercedes and then posted a video to YouTube as a warning to the former Soviet Republic's inconsiderate drivers.

(Actually, Zuokas has admitted the whole thing was a stunt and the car was purchased specially for the video. Still, can you imagine the cable news outrage if Mayor Bloomberg started pretending to mow down BMWs on the streets of NYC? Also good to know that some world cities have $50K lying around to blow on a viral video stunt.)

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