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A Royal Marine's Vegas Sendoff

David Hart, a Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan by a Taliban bomb last year, decided he wanted to be remembered in style. Hart was a member of the UK's 40 Commando Battle Group and was on the security force serving in Sangin in Afghanistan's Helmand Province.

The commando had a £250,000 (around $400,000) life insurance policy. After donating £50,000 t0 his favorite (OK, he was British: "favourite") charity for injured Marines and leaving some money to his family, his will allocated £100,000 ($162,000) to send 32 of his mates on a Las Vegas vacation.

The Sun newspaper talked to Hart's pal Andy Hare:

"In his letter David said he had had a great life and had no regrets about anything. He always said he would do something like this if something bad happened. He said, 'Go and have a good time and spend all this money'. All the lads said, 'What a guy'."
His friends won't be wasting the publicity that Hart's grand gesture is generating. They're planning a charity bike ride in September that will raise money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund. You can find out more at their JustGiving webpage. Show Full Article

November is Military Family Appreciation Month