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Platoon Turns 25


This is what #winning actually looks like.

It's hard to believe that Oliver Stone's Platoon turns 25 this year, but it's being reissued this week on Blu-ray with a load of special features, including commentaries from Stone and one from Military Advisor Dale Dye.

Christian Lowe has an exclusive audio interview with Dye over on our Kit Up! blog about his experience on Platoon and a host of other films including Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

Platoon may be Stone's least problematic movie, probably because a lot of it was based on his actual service experiences in Vietnam rather than someone else's conspiracy theories about JFK, 9/11 or W. If you haven't watched it lately, check it out. It looks fantastic in the high def format. Let's hope someone sends a copy to Charlie Sheen and reminds him how great he can be when he's not fighting with the director.

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