Under the Radar

South Beach is Now Choke City


[youtube width="560" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APudEYEVZJQ[/youtube]

Remember how folks said that LeBron James and Chris Bosh's decision to join Dwayne Wade in Miami this season was going to ruin the NBA? Because the Heat were going to win 75 games and steamroll through the playoffs?

Guess again. The Miam Hit are an NBA-worst 1-14 on potential tying or go-ahead shots at the end of games. They've lost 3 of their last 4 games. This video compiles all 14 shots for easy viewing. Even if the Heat go 19-0 to end the season, they'll still finish with a worse record than last year's Cleveland Cavaliers. Looks like ESPN should've called that special The Decision: Everybody Loses.

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