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The Danger Pay Gamble


"What's the best way to make a small fortune in the movie business? Start out with a large one."*

The lure of Hollywood was strong enough for several soldiers serving in Iraq that they reportedly took their danger pay and invested it all in a low-budget horror movie called 2084 that stars Billy West, best known for creating the voice of Stimpy in Ren & Stimpy.

Here's what the PR firm had to say about how the movie got funded.

United States Soldiers who were not only concerned by the situation in Iraq, but also the ever worsening economic situation back in the US, needed a plan to give them some faith that the danger pay they were sending home to their families would not go up in smoke amid the ever-widening financial mess.
The movie is currently available OnDemand from several U.S. cable operators and there are plans to make it available later this year on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon.

The film's press release didn't include the names of any of the investors, but we found an image of the poster online and it looks like their names are SPC Ben Kettering, SFC Julian Almonte, SPC Nathaniel Strangways, SGT Ryan Villarreal, SPC Waldemar Carmona, SPC Bryan McMenus, SGT Jonathan Hodge and SGT Keith Buchan.

Seriously, best of luck to these guys and maybe we should all order it if it's available on our cable systems. Hollywood may not feature the kind of enemy fire these guys saw in Iraq, but it's an incredibly brutal place all on its own.

*This joke is so old and moldy that no one seems to want to take credit for coming up with it in the first place.

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