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A General's Daughter Revisits Ajax


If you're in Boston between now and March 13th, you might want to check out the American Repertory Theater's production of Ajax, the rarely-staged Sophocles play about the effects of war on a Trojan soldier returned from battle.

The play stars Linda Powell, an actress recognizable from multiple guest spots on all three NYC flavors of Law & Order who also happens to be the daughter General Colin Powell.

Powell plays Ajax's wife Tecmessa, who tries in vain to hold the family together in the face of her husband's reaction to the war. In an interview with the Boston Globe, she sees a connection to modern military wives:

“I was so shocked when I started to really look at it and think about what that does to the families and what that does to the kids who are growing up in that kind of stress. But those women are amazing. They hold the families together.’’
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