Under the Radar

Inventing the Modern Western


When's the last time you paid money to see a Western picture at the movie theater? Two new movies aim to change America's viewing habits.

Cowboys & Aliens, coming next summer, is directed by Iron Man's Jon Favreau and stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Having James Bond and Han Solo fight UFOs in the Old West might get a few kids to see their first Wild West shoot-'em-up.

If you can't wait that long, check out The Warrior's Way, opening in the States on December 4th. Starring Kate Bosworth and Tony Cox (from Bad Santa), the movie brings ninjas to the cowboy country and adds martial arts to the mix.

(Under the Federal government's new blogging regulations, I think I'm supposed to disclose here: I've worked with Michael Peyser, the guy who produced The Warrior's Way and I also co-produced the Family Force 5 song they're using in the trailer. I'm pretty sure the song's not in the movie and the fact it got used in the trailer is a total coincidence. In theory, if people like the movie and a couple of million people run out and buy the FF5 song, there's a small possibility I could get a check.)

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