Under the Radar

Do Not Mix Love & Skydiving


Here's proof that a man can have too much confidence when it comes to carrying on with more than one woman.

Belgian skydiving instructor Marcel Somers liked to romance his female students, going so far at to schedule regular trysts with (married mother of two) student Els Van Doren on Saturday and with student Els Clottemans on Friday nights.

One night both women ended up back at Marcel's place and he made Els Clottemans sleep on the couch while he took Mrs. Van Doren to bed. Less than a week later, Van Doren fell to her death when both of her parachutes failed to open.

Prosecutors have charged Clottemans with murder, claiming she tampered with her rival's gear while Somers and Van Doren were getting busy in the other room. There's helmet cam video of the fall and video from other skydivers showing Van Doren's desperate attempts to get her chutes to open.

Marcel is expected to take the stand where he might explain just why he thought he was doing a good job of managing his love life.

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