Under the Radar

The iPhone's Reality Distortion Field Vs. the Death Grip


I've been using an iPhone 4 for the last few weeks. Maybe I'm holding it wrong, but I've traveled up and down the East Coast and haven't been able to make it drop calls when I hold it with the so-called "death grip."

So we've ignored the story here at UTR because it seemed like the media was (once again) taking something that was most likely a real problem for a few people and using a post from the Consumer Reports blog as an excuse to blow the whole thing up into another controversial disaster story to fill those endless hours on cable news channels.

That was before our friends at Taiwan's NMA news set us straight with this compelling news report. Even if Apple mostly ended the controversy last week by agreeing to give away free bumper cases to iPhone 4 owners, the chopped-fingers solution shown here still has its charms.

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