Under the Radar

Soldiers Just Gotta Dance



Israeli soldiers may be in trouble after posting a YouTube video of some hot dance moves set to the Ke$ha song "Tik Tok."

The original video has been removed after prompting comments from the Israeli army:

"This was a joke by the soldiers and the matter is currently being investigated by the battalion commanders," a terse statement said, with media reports saying those involved were likely to be punished for "inappropriate conduct during a military operation."
The U.S. Army seems to take a more liberal approach to troop choreography, as evidenced by its mild response to the Afghanistan Ke$ha video and that Iraq Lady Gaga tribute.

All of these videos raise a disturbing question: have modern-day troops adopted the musical taste of twelve-year-old girls or were things always this way? If that's true, does that mean our boys in Vietnam were secretly listening to Bobby Sherman and the Monkees instead of the Doors and Jimi Hendrix songs we've all heard in movies about the war?

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