Under the Radar

Lone American Tries to Go Rambo on Osama


Fed up with military and intelligence efforts to locate Osama bin-Laden, civilian American citizen Gary Brooks Faulkner went out on a solo mission in Pakistan to hunt down the al-Qaeda leader.

Armed only with a sword, a pistol, night-vision goggles and "Christian literature," the 52-year-old independent contractor was arrested by Pakistani authorities before he completed his mission. There's some debate as to whether he was even looking in the right place.

There's also no word yet if Faulkner will be prosecuted in Pakistan or turned over to the American authorities. Let's hope he comes home, so everyone can find out whether Faulkner thought he was on a mission from God or if he's just another cable tv viewer who's come to believe that government can't do anything right and national defense is best left to private citizens.

UPDATE: Over at our Kit Up! blog, Christian wonders if Faulkner might be something other than a total asshat.

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