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'South Park' Finally Gets Around to Mocking Islam



According to a report at FoxNews.com, the self-styled defenders of Islam at RevolutionMuslim.com have issued a warning to the creators of South Park after the show depicted the Prophet Muhammed dressed in a bear costume during the show's 200th episode.

The website suggests that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone could end up like the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered in 2004 after making a documentary film that his killers claimed defiled Islam.

Contacted by Fox, the website's spokesman Abu Talhah al Amrikee backpedaled a bit, saying ""It's not a threat, but it really is a likely outcome. They're going to be basically on a list in the back of the minds of a large number of Muslims. It's just the reality."

Having previously taken down truly scary and powerful figures like  Al Gore, Tom Cruise and R. Kelly, South Park is unlikely to flinch at any threats.

UPDATE: Comedy Central edited out all mentions of Islam from Episode 201 and now Parker and Stone say they had no idea that was going to happen and they're declining to stream the censored version of the episode at their website.

Is Comedy Central is being overly sensitive to Islam or taking proper precautions after a violent threat?

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