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The Great UK Bomb Detector Hoax


The Iraqi government has spent over $85 million on the ADE651 bomb detectors manufactured in the UK by ATSC Ltd. Now that the devices has been proven to be absolute frauds by a BBC investigation, the Iraqi government has decided to sue the manufacturer after the company's owner Jim McCormick was arrested on fraud charges in the UK.

None of these developments are likely to please James Randi (a/k/a "The Amazing Randi"), a magician who's devoted the last two decades to exposing psychic hoaxes, much like the great magician and escape artist Harry Houdini did late in his life.

Randi doesn't believe government and military officials paid enough attention to his warnings and goes off in this YouTube video:

It's hard to tell whether Randi's angrier that McCormick got out on bail or that the manufacturer refused to accept Randi's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.

What's certain is that snake-0il scammers like McCormick put all Westerners at risk as Iraqis realize they've been putting their lives in the hands of an absolutely worthless device like the ADE651. (via AolNews)

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