Under the Radar

Chatroulette: Internet Threat or Awesome New Way to Kill Time?


If you believe everything you read in the news, Chatroulette is a toxic hairball, coughed up by the Internet to ruin civil discourse and corrupt our children.

Before your mom calls you about the alarming story about Chatroulette she saw on Nancy Grace, you might want to watch this helpful video so you can either calm her down or fan the flames of her panic. The clip does a good job of explaining what goes on on the site without actually showing any images of naked men.

Chatroulette was allegedly created by a bored 17-year-old Russian kid who just wanted a new way to meet people online. If you strip away all the hype and figure out way to ignore the perverts, there just might be something here for anyone who's bored with their Facebook friends.

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