Under the Radar

Glenn Beck Doesn't Believe You, Governor Palin


Fox's Glenn Beck called "bullcrap" on former Governor Sarah Palin when she tried to dodge his question about her favorite founding father. After stumbling for a moment, she tries to sell George Washington as the leader who gave "power to the people."

Now I'll confess that I was more interested in the Clash and the Ramones than American history during high school, but even I learned that the fights between Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton about the form and structure of the U.S. government were more intense than anything going own right between Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno and their clueless overlords at NBC.

Beck asked a real question: whose original vision of how America should be run has influenced you most? Trying to punt on that answer is like saying you equally like the Red Sox and the Yankees. Either you're lying or you have no idea what you're talking about.

In my day job, I have some controversial opinions about the Kings of Leon and AutoTune (and that's just for starters). There are times when those ideas get me in trouble with clients, but most of the time I come out ahead when I take a stand.

If politics are your trade, don't the people you're trying to represent have a right to expect that you express your opinions about political history?

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