Under the Radar

Mike Judge Has Love for the Common People


You missed Extract in the theaters last fall, right? Of course you did. 

You probably missed Office Space in 1999 and pretty much definitely missed Idiocracy when it was released in something like seven theaters for a week back in 2006. Both movies became huge hits on DVD, so writer & director Mike Judge had reason to hope that a new studio's marketing would give Extract a better chance at the box office, but no luck there. You'd think the guy who created Beavis & Butthead could get a little respect from Hollywood.

Mike Judge lives in Austin, TX and makes movies about and for people who've never been within 500 miles of Beverly Hills. The Hollywood marketing machine can't figure out what to do with him because those folks assume that everyone out there in America who shops at Walmart is exactly alike and not smart enough to get the joke.

Extract is just out on DVD. Check it out and prove those folks wrong one more time. Maybe they'll put a little more effort into Mike's next movie.

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