Under the Radar

Fight Terrorism & Get Yourself Paid

What did NWA flight 253 passenger Jasper Schuringa do after thwarting a terrorist's underwear bomb attack on Christmas Day? 

Why, he hired an agent to get him paid to do interviews, of course.

Except mainstream American news agencies don't pay of interviews. That would be wrong. They do "license" incredibly blurry cellphone photos for upwards of $10,000 and then get the interview thrown in for free.


As you can see from the above image, Schuringa's photos have zero news value but don't ask the folks at CNN to admit that, because they still tell themselves that real news organizations never pay for an interview. 

At least TMZ and the National Enquirer are up-front about their checkbook journalism.

Gawker has all the gory details on the photo/interview negotiations and the New York Times now says that Schuringa, stung by the negative coverage, has decided to stop doing interviews.

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