Under the Radar

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Can someone please explain the current drama between Brett Favre and Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress? 

If your sister started dating John Mayer and called you two months later crying because she saw pictures on TMZ of her boyfriend with another woman, you'd have to say, "What did you expect? You're dating John Mayer."

So Brad Childress, you signed the most notorious freelancing hotdog in the history of the NFL to be your quarterback and now you're upset that he's calling too many audibles? Brett's got his Super Bowl ring and he's going to the Hall of Fame. If you ask him to run your boring offense, he's just going back to Mississippi to wait for the next phone call from some other desperate team.

Time for Brad to let go and enjoy the drama while it lasts. Tarvaris Jackson's never going to get him to the Super Bowl.

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