Under the Radar

The "White Obama" Makes the Case Against "Don't Ask Don't Tell"


No one, least of all Sacha Baron Cohen, expected that Borat would become such a beloved character after his movie's huge success back in 2006.

Instead of enjoying the mainstream success, Cohen made Brüno, another fake documentary that replaces Borat's clueless foreigner lead character with a desperate gay fashion reporter.

Snoop Dogg describes Bruno as the "white Obama" in a "We Are the World" parody that also features Bono, Sting and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

Bruno's attempts to seduce Congressman Ron Paul end with Paul storming out of the room, declaring that Bruno is "queer as the blazes."

When the movie was released in theaters last summer, the box office numbers took a nosedive after the first weekend. The DVD came out this week and the bonus features included a detailed commentary from Cohen and director Larry Charles where they explain exactly how they set up each scene and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

Cohen doesn't seem to have any regrets about the film's commercial failure and takes some real pleasure in how much Bruno pisses everyone off.

There are lots of extras, including this deleted scene where Bruno convinces Pete Rose to use his gardener as a chair.

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