Under the Radar

Sesame Street Now Part of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy


Your tax dollars at work: the geniuses over at Big Hollywood have uncovered hidden messages in a two-year-old episode of Sesame Street, comparing the show to radical leftist brainwashing of the 1940s practiced by folksingers like Pete Seeger. 

Oscar starts his own news channel (GNN, the Grouch News Network) and invites CNN's Anderson Cooper on as a guest reporter. PBS sticks it to Fox News with a call from a female grouch who complains about his show and declares,  "From now on, I'm watching Pox News. Now there's a trashy news show."

There are a few issues here: When did Sesame Street get a female grouch? Did Sesame Street make puns and jokes as lame as this when we were kids? Can a joke as bad as this one even qualify as liberal indoctrination of our children?

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