Under the Radar

Should the NRA Offer Its Support to Lil Wayne?

MTV reports that rapper Lil' Wayne pleaded guilty to a 2007 weapons possession charge resulting from a New York City traffic stop. 

NYC cops pulled over Wayne's bus in Columbus Circle and discovered a .40-caliber semi-automatic weapon hidden in a Louis Vuitton bag. Prosecutors tied the gun to Weezy through DNA testing.

Wayne's detractors will focus on his songs about his love of the sizzurp and the sizzurp-related drug charges he's facing from a 2008 MLK-day traffic stop in Arizona. 

Supporters will point to T.I., an Atlanta rapper who got busted after buying guns from undercover FBI agents. Now serving time after also pleading guilty, T.I. was looking to up his personal protection firepower after his best friend was killed after an Ohio concert and police failed to make an arrest or identify a suspect.

Here's the situation spelled out for the NRA: Lil' Wayne is an American citizen with no prior convictions, dinged on an "attempted weapons possession" charge that will result in jail time and negatively impact his ability to travel outside the U.S. for work once he's released.

Moreover, that arrest came after a questionable traffic stop in New York City, a city that's aggressively trying to interfere with gun ownership both in and outside of its jurisdiction.

Wayne's not the most attractive poster boy for gun rights in America, but it's the hard cases where you really prove the power of your convictions. Are you in or out?

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