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Glenn Beck Can't Get His Muse Story Straight

Self-described "rodeo clown" and radio personality Glenn Beck has run into some trouble with British rock band Muse, currently on tour opening for U2. 

Beck has championed the band Muse on his radio program, going so far as to play their song "United States of Eurasia" on the air and declare that the band shared his "Libertarian" views.

Beck later announced that the band's management emailed him and asked him to withdraw his endorsement, sparking a minor online controversy that had music news sites asking the band what it had against Glenn Beck.

The Guardian reports today that Beck's reps now claim that he was just "joking" and that he has no idea what the band thinks of him.

Muse, preoccupied with their new album and tour, refuse to participate in American political debate and offer no comment on the subject.

Here's a video of their latest single "Uprising," taken from their new album The Resistance.

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